Born in East Java 1987, moved to Bali 6 years ago. Worked in hospitality industry for the past 4 years and taught himself hand lettering typography. Has been doing brush lettering and calligraphy for about 2 years. Osh started pursuing his passion in Bali, when at the time, there weren't any good supply of calligraphy pens and brushes, so he would use a regular thin felt tip pen and just fill in that thick downstroke that characterizes the calligraphy stroke. Talk about following your passion - by all means. We're in love!

Osh used to suffer from dyslexia, making typography much more challenging. He loves to play drums and sip affogatos after working hours - and he recently got a 6 month puppy called Suga and also a lovely wife Natasha - so is now busy at work and at home! :)

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